Clock Tower Night View
Qartaba Chowk Mozang
Flower Bed
LBC Canal
Clock at Liberty
Liberty Round about
Vertical Horticulture
Vertical Horticulture
Southern Bypass
Liberty Round-about
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Mission Statement

"To Make Lahore Look Greener, Cleaner and Brighter"

Mandate & Rationale:

  • Focus
  • Uniformity
  • Integration
  • Autonomy

Major Functions of PHA Include:

  1. To streamline and bring about uniformity and integrated horticulture development approach for beautification of City of Lahore
  2. Development and maintenance of new parks, roundabouts, triangles, green belts, green verges, central medians, play grounds and open spaces in Lahore.
  3. Preservation of places of cultural and recreational importance.
  4. Face lifting, Landscaping, illumination and beautification of assigned areas.
  5. Environmental improvements.
  6. Organizing festivals etc. for recreation and promotion of culture.
  7. To regulate outdoor advertisement activity in City District Lahore.

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