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Frequently asked Questions (Coordination)

1.    How and where to apply for booking of ground for marriages/functions?
To apply for any ground application should be submitted to coordination directorate.

2.    Who can apply for any ground for marriage function purpose?
Only the residents of the locality can apply.

3.    What are the requirements to book a ground for marriage/function purposes?
Applicant has to provide an application along with CNIC card copy and security (refundable) & fee in the form of pay order.

4.    What are the booking rates of grounds for marriage/function purposes?
There are various classification of grounds in respect of these rates.

5.    How to get to know the booking rate of a particular ground?
All these rates are available in Coordination Directorate from where information can be taken.

6.    Is there any concession in booking rates of the grounds?
Yes, concession is available to the Punjab government employees up to grade 14 & poor upon proper verification by the authority.

7.    What are the method of payment of fee & rentals?
You have to get a challan form from Coordination Directorate & pay in the form of pay order.

8.    How to lease a PHA owned property?
Mostly PHA, leases its properties through open auction for which Newspaper advertisement is published.

Frequently asked Questions (Marketing)

9.    What is outdoor advertising?
Outdoor advertising is a type of advertising medium that involves pasting/ displaying messages and promotional items outside, where people can see them. This type of advertisement is very effective and comes in a variety of forms.
10.    What if any outdoor advertising business is newly established or new in Lahore city?
If your advertising business is newly formed or new to Lahore city, you may be required to register with the authority (PHA) as an outdoor advertising firm. The application form for registration can be obtained from this office by submitting an application to Director General PHA.

11.    I want to put up a sign to advertise my business (school, clinic, shop etc.), do I need permission from your office?  
If you are planning to fix a sign of your business at façade of your business premises, you do not need permission from this authority, however if you are planning to install sign board in green belt or on rooftop of business premises then you required permission from this office.

12.    What is “on premises” and “off premises” signs ?
Generally, advertising is considered off premises in nature when it is unrelated to business conducted at this premises and when the advertisement related to the premises then it is called on premises advertisement (if you are unsure about the distinction between on premises or off premises advertisement or want to have more detail please contact this office.

13.    What are the maximum dimensions of bill boards?
The maximum size of bill boards permitted by PHA is 60x20.

14.    What should I do if my question is not answered here?
Please contact us at if you have further questions that are not answered here.

15.    What types of formats are parts of outdoor advertising?
Outdoor advertising appears in variety of places outside of the home. The industry breaks them down into four main categories which

  • Road side – billboards, directional sign etc
  • On street furniture: advertisement on street light poles, bridge panels etc.
  • Sky sign: Signboards installed at private premises.
  • Advertisement on vehicles: floats(vans, cars, trucks, bicycles etc)

16.      How do I pay?
We accept payment through pay order in favor of PHA.

17.    What is the area jurisdiction of PHA?
PHA regulates outdoor advertisement of area covered under city District Government Administrative control.

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